Ultimate Banned List

Who We Ban

SPAMMERS! Unsolicited junk email, aka SPAM, is evil. Those who wish to sell something, typically useless, illegal or part of a scam, put their virtual foot in your virtual door by filling your email box with spam:

  • Unsolicted junk emailers

  • Those who, according to our usage logs, have attempted to hack or attack our network

  • Domains with insistent pop-ups and pop-unders, like the notorious X10.com

  • Online email services who either don’t have an antispam policy or don’t enforce it

  • Junk Faxers with a discernable or logical Domain Name


Why We Ban

We aim to protect our clients and ourselves from scammers and wasted bandwidth. While each individual article of email might be small, they do add up. And there is a matter of principle: if we want to buy we’ll ask.

Many spammers claim that by providing a ‘remove’ option they are not spam. Ahm, no. By sending the unsolicited email in the first place they are spamming, plain and simple. And usually the ‘remove’ option simply confirms your email for them for future mailings or the option doesn’t work. Generally, if you see a ‘remove’ option, ignore it.


Some Banned Domains Are Not Actual Spammers

Some mail server administrators exercise weak security.  This allows those servers to be used as relay points for spam.  Therefore we ban them unless an administrator of that server demonstrates they’ve fixed the problem.


Want Your Own Copy of the Electric Eye Ultimate Banned List?

The Electric Eye Ultimate Banned List is available FREE as a MS Excel spreadsheet and without any guarantee of any sort.

Contact us for a copy of the most recent list.

(Note: requests from anonymous free email Domains, e.g. Gmail, Mail.com or Yahoo, will be ignored.)


How to Use the Ultimate Banned List

Ultimate Banned List


Spam is evil!

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