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The Electric Eye Ultimate Banned List
last update: Wednesday, September 17, 2014
list info Domains
∞ Who we ban
SPAMMERS!  Unsolicited junk e-mail, aka SPAM, is evil.   Those who wish to sell something, typically useless, illegal or part of a scam, put their virtual foot in your virtual door by filling your e-mail box with spam.
Here's who we ban:
  • Unsolicted junk e-mailers
    • benefitting Domain(s) added
    • benefitting Domain Host(s) added
    • benefitting Domain Administrator Domain(s) added
    • ticker symbol of benefitting junk stock spam added
  • Those who, according to our usage logs, have attempted to hack or attack our network
  • Domains with insistent pop-ups and pop-unders, like the notorious
  • Online e-mail services who either don't have an antispam policy or don't enforce it
  • Junk Faxers with a discernable or logical Domain Name
∞ Why we ban
We aim to protect our clients and ourselves from scammers and wasted bandwidth.  While each individual article of e-mail might be small, they do add up.  And there is a matter of principle: if we want to buy we'll ask.  Many spam e-mailers claim that by providing a 'remove' option that they are not spam.  Ahm, no. By sending the unsolicited e-mail in the first place they are spamming, plain and simple.  And usually the 'remove' option simply confirms your e-mail for them for future mailings or the option doesn't work. Generally, if you see a 'remove' option, ignore it.

Do they really think we're going to buy their products?  Do they really think we're going to invest in their stocks, give them $10 to fix our credit, lustfully seek the naked pictures they (allegedly) have or seek their guidance on increasing the dimension of our privates?

A significant percentage of spam is only sent so that you will enter your credit card and/or other personal information so that they can make you a victim of identify theft.  Always be suspect of any e-mail from any company with which you are not familiar.  Always be suspect of any e-mail requesting information that is allegedly coming from a bank, credit card company or other enterprise that uses security.

SPAM is evil.

This site was programmed by Electric Eye's Data Services division, who specializes in online databases.  Contact us if you need a Web application!
∞ How we (typically) ban
  1. Junk e-mail is received by one of our hosted users
  2. The junk e-mail is forwarded to our IT department who examines its source and content
  3. If it's determined that the item is spam then we investigate who benefits from the item including the originating Domain(s) and add any related Domains such as the Administrator and Host
  4. We maintain a running tally of all individual spam received
Note that we've never received a complaint from a 'Spammer'.  This process is done manually, not arbitrarily nor automatically, so we consider those added to this list as 'worthy' of this distinction.
∞ Some banned Domains are not actual Spammers
Some mail server administrators exercise weak security.  This allows those servers to be used as relay points for spam.  Therefore we ban them unless an administrator of that server demonstrates they've fixed the problem.  For more information about that CLICK HERE.
∞ An effective method of reducing (you cannot eliminate) Spam
This is somewhat complicated to explain, but bear with this and if you follow this method you will reduce the amount of span you receive, ultimately saving you valuable time long-term.

The concept here is to create disposable aliases.  First, set-up an e-mail user account with a flexible Web host, such as Electric Eye (contact us for more info.)  This user account is your primary account using an e-mail address that you never give out.  Let's say, for this example, that your Domain is and your primary account address is

Second, set-up a series of aliases that are really all part of the same account.  All e-mail received by these aliases go to the primary account, but this is not known to the senders to those accounts.  Examples might be,,,,,, etc.  Each of these aliases are used for singular purpose, for example use for all of your Amazon purchases.  If you start to get spam on that alias, just change it to  Most large sites, like Amazon, ebay, etc., easily allow you to change your account's e-mail address.  The time it takes you to do so (change it on the Web Hosts site and on the Amazon site) should only be a few minutes.

Third is to use an alias for your Domain Name Registration.  This is a primary source of e-mail addresses for spammers since all Domains are public record.

Fourth is to always use an alias as your reply-to in e-mails.  This might be  Most e-mail clients, like Outlook, allow you to set your reply-to as something other than your primary account and even to have multiple reply-tos.  This rounds out your control of e-mail.  If one of your recipients should get a virus that gives up your e-mail alias, or one of your recipients maliciously gives it out, you can change your alias (let's say to for this too.

Sound like a lot of work?  Yes.  But it saves you time in the long-run.  (cue: The Eagles.)
∞ The Electric Eye Ultimate Banned List Database is available to others
The Electric Eye Ultimate Banned List is available as a MS Excel spreadsheet.  To request a copy see the contact info below.  The List is provided without fee, but also without any guarantee of any sort.
(Note: requests from anonymous free e-mail Domains, e.g. Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, will be ignored.)
∞ Searching Functions of this Database
You can search the entire database for Domains or e-mail subjects. Some items have a further description which is displayed by clicking on the respective Domain Name. Detail for each Domain includes:
  • individual e-mails sent on behalf of this Domain
  • a link to other e-mails with the exact same subject
  • which Domain(s) this Domain Administrates
  • which Domain(s) this Domain Hosts
  • which Domain is this Domain's Administrator
  • which Domain(s) is this Domain's Host
If you spend some time with the List you'll find there are patterns (e-mail subject, Domain Names, who hosts whom, etc.) and this may assist you in figuring out how to anticipate future spam for your own filters.

This site was programmed by Electric Eye's Data Services division, who specializes in online databases.  Contact us if you need a Web application!
∞ Electric Eye Ultimate Banned List Unfortunate Milestones
Total Domains added since the List's inception on Dec 14, 1999:
date milestone per day (this 1,000) per day (in total)
2002 Aug 3 1,000 1.04 20.67
2003 Mar 5 2,000 4.67 16.91
2003 Jun 23 3,000 9.09 15.46
2004 Apr 28 4,000 3.23 12.46
2004 Oct 4 5,000 6.29 11.33
2005 Mar 29 6,000 5.68 10.30
2005 Sep 21 7,000 5.68 9.44
2006 Mar 7 8,000 5.99 8.75
2006 Aug 2 9,000 6.76 8.21
2006 Oct 5 10,000 15.63 8.00
2006 Dec 7 11,000 15.87 7.81
2007 Jan 21 12,000 22.22 7.67
2007 Jul 21 13,000 5.52 7.17
2008 Apr 18 14,000 3.68 6.53
2008 Sep 15 15,000 6.67 6.22
2009 Jun 28 16,000 3.50 5.71
2010 Apr 18 17,000 3.40 5.27
2012 May 25 18,000 1.30 4.38
2013 Sep 5 19,000 2.14 3.97
2014 Sep 17 19,903 2.60 3.69


Total e-mails added since the List's inception on Dec 14, 1999:
date milestone per day (this 1,000) per day (in total)
2003 Feb 23 1,000 0.86 20.71
2003 Apr 15 2,000 19.61 19.84
2003 May 27 3,000 23.81 19.18
2003 Jul 1 4,000 28.57 18.66
2004 Jun 11 5,000 2.89 14.73
2004 Oct 10 6,000 8.26 13.71
2005 Jan 24 7,000 9.43 12.94
2005 May 21 8,000 8.55 12.17
2005 Oct 20 9,000 6.58 11.31
2006 Feb 16 10,000 8.40 10.71
2006 Jun 12 11,000 8.62 10.19
2006 Sep 5 12,000 11.76 9.84
2006 Oct 12 13,000 27.03 9.69
2006 Nov 27 14,000 21.74 9.51
2006 Dec 20 15,000 43.48 9.43
2007 Jan 9 16,000 50.00 9.36
2007 Jan 28 17,000 52.63 9.29
2007 Mar 27 18,000 17.24 9.08
2008 Feb 8 19,000 3.14 8.11
2008 Jul 18 20,000 6.21 7.70
2009 Mar 31 21,000 3.91 7.12
2010 Aug 17 22,000 1.98 6.20
2013 Jul 19 23,000 0.94 4.87
2014 Jul 18 24,000 2.75 4.53
2014 Sep 17 24,165 2.53 4.48
∞ How to be prepared against Internet (and other) fraud
Try these links:
STAY SAFE (sponsored in part by the US FTC)
CONSUMER PROTECTION (sponsored in part by the US FTC)
FTC Consumer Complaint Form
Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)
QUATLOOS ("Scams & Frauds Exposed") "Spoofing"
SNOPES (Urban Legends - Crime)
∞ Whom you contact @ Electric Eye with specific Questions
See our Contacts page from the main site.
We absolutely DO NOT respond to telephone nor fax inquiries from those who are on the List.
If you have such an inquiry you must submit it using our online contact form.


The Electric Eye Ultimate Banned List is provided as a free anti-spam service
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